Zumba Demo Featured on STL Today!

Watch Latin-inspired dance fitness techniques known as Zumba! Click on the link below to watch a 2 minute demonstration.



My Favorite Cushy Running Shoe

I run in many different shoes .  However, after doing classical ballet and dancing on point shoes during my feet formative years, the Adidas Supernova is the most comfortable shoe by far!!!!  Remember though, Everyone’s feet, and gaits are different so I recommend seeing a specialist like my boys at Ghisallo!

Yerba Mate (my new morning fix!)

In January I did a cleanse with a group of personal training clients.  We cut all starchy carbs, sugar, red meat, alcohol, and coffee.  Coffee is not as “clean” a burn and it gives you awful breath as well!  Yerba mate is a great caffeine buzz!  It tastes a little grassy so I always mix with another tasty tea such as a mint flavor.  Add a little raw honey or organic sugar.  Yum!!!!!

Noelle’s Favorite Things

My new favorite post-workout drink is coconut water.  Super-loaded with Potassium, Vitamin C, and other key nutrients, this drink ensures a kickin’ recovery.  I’ve tried several brands, all yummy.  Here I’m drinking VITA COCO, with peach & mango.    Delicious!

Shout Outs

Jen W has lost significant weight and body fat.  She  has been extremely compliant with her workouts and healthy eating and it has paid off in a big way!!  Way to rock it! I’m so proud!

Liz  W has run 7.5 miles and has dropped her body fat with her consistent workouts and vegetarian lifestyle! Awesome doll!

My sister Emily is now a runner!  Struggling for a long time  to hit 15 minutes or so, she has finally busted through and is up over 5 miles.  She may even consider doing Lewis and Clark 1/2 marathon in October with a group of us.  Way to go Sis!

Jeanne W is consistently working out 4-6 days each week and I am pumped! You are in the best shape you’ve been in and getting better all the time.  Also, love having you in my Zumba and Kettlebell classes!  You make me laugh!

Summer Zumba Anyone?


Summer Class Schedule

COCA – http://www.cocastl.org

-Zumba on Saturdays at 11am,  June 12th – August 21st

-Hay Caramba (Zumba BootCamp) Mondays at 7pm, July 12th –       26th

J.O.E.’s – http://www.joexercise.com

-Zumba – Tuesday’s at 9am

Thursday’s at 9am

Saturday’s at 9:30am

-Kettlebell – Thursday’s at 10am

Zumba in the “Cage” at Renaissance Financial

– Zumba Wednesday’s at 5:10pm

The Fitness Studio, Creve Coeur – http://www.fitsexybody.com

– Zumba Monday’s at 5pm

You can also view my Zumba class info at http://www.zumbafitness.com.

Interested in joining a weekend running group??

I always have clients that want to train for different runs from 5Ks to half-marathons.  I have a group beginning training for the Lewis and Clark half-marathon in October.  It is a great run to do for first-timers and those going for great finish times as it is a nice flat run.  For more info or questions please contact me!!!!

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